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Today, all the action beyond low earth orbit is telecom, government, and military. Tomorrow it’s commercial tourism, space energy, space data centers, in-space manufacturing and resource exploration & utilization. Companies all over the world are creating incredible future technologies that will one day operate in deep space. But one question largely goes unanswered: how will they get there? We will take them.

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Chemical and ion electrical propulsion have their limitations. We’re building breakthrough transportation technology to propel the next generation of space endeavors more efficiently, safely, and inexpensively than ever before.

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Powered by water plasma propulsion.

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Human progress hinges on transportation – our ability to move objects from point a to point b. On Earth this is one thing – in space it’s another. We envision a future where humanity is expanding, thriving and moving freely throughout the solar system.

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Companies have been making bold asteroid mining claims for years, but until we have developed a sustainable, safe, scalable way of getting to them using water, the most abundant, and accessible space resource, those claims mean very little. To only prepare for ways of moving through space based on existing, terrestrial fuel sources would be short-sighted. We are building the in-space transportation industry with extraterrestrial in situ resource utilization in mind.

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