Momentus provides in-space transportation services to spacecraft large and small, helping them reach their final destination. We're a services company focused on the destination, not a product company focused on hardware, and we're building more than just a company—we’re laying the groundwork for the entire in-space transportation industry.

Your ticket out of leo.
Round trip optional.
Satellites with masses up to 250 kg can be moved from ISS orbit all the way up to 2,000 km on Vigoride. Vigoride can be launched from an ESPA or ESPA Grande ring, from ISS airlocks, or from almost any small dedicated launcher or larger rideshare vehicle.
  • Wet Mass (without Payload): 80 kg
  • Maximum Payload Mass: 250 kg
  • Total Impulse: >100,000 N-s
  • Maximum ΔV: >1 km/s for 50 kg payload
Vigoride™ Extended
Transporting satellites with masses up to 300 kg from LEO to GTO, or up to 100 kg directly from LEO to GEO, Lunar orbit, and beyond is possible on a Vigoride Extended. Vigoride Extended can be launched from an ESPA Grande ring or from almost any small dedicated launcher or larger rideshare vehicle.
  • Wet Mass (without Payload): 450 kg
  • Maximum Payload Mass: 300 kg
  • Total Impulse: >1,500,000 N-s
  • Maximum ΔV: >5 km/s for 100 kg payload
Deliver up to 4 tons of payload from GTO to GEO or up to 500 kg directly from LEO to GEO and beyond on a mighty Ardoride. Ardoride can also change orbit inclinations by 45 degrees.
  • Wet Mass (without Payload): 1800 kg
  • Maximum Payload Mass: 4000 kg
  • Total Impulse: >7,500,000 N-s
  • Maximum ΔV: >5 km/s for 500 kg payload
No better way
to get around deep space
Greater efficiency means more payload
Ardorides™ and Vigorides™ have a significantly higher specific impulse than missions powered by chemical propulsion and require less onboard propellant to achieve the required ∆V for deep space missions.
Ready to go
Our rides are a complete package, ready for launch or tailored to your mission specs. Thanks to a higher thrust per watt than ion propulsion, our rides take months, not years.
Pay less for your launch
Using denser propellant and having the ability to join a rideshare, our rides keep launch costs extraordinarily low.
In Development
Fervoride™ is your go-to service for deep space prospecting or high ∆V missions for larger satellites. This ride will shepherd the next tidal wave of missions past GEO, to asteroids and beyond.
  • Deeeep Space
    From telecom platforms to deep space missions, deliver any payload within the inner solar system.
  • Fully compatible
    Launch with any rocket, integrate with any payload.
  • Cost efficient
    Save $100m on a single launch.
How Much Can I Deliver
With Fervoride?
Showing payload mass in metric tons.
16.45 mt
47.84 mt
13.44 mt
14.31 mt
16.61 mt
8.30 mt
26.70 mt
8.90 mt
10.00 mt
6.92 mt
Falcon 9
Falcon Heavy
Atlas V 511
Proton M
14.19 mt
41.52 mt
11.57 mt
12.33 mt
14.33 mt
3.86 mt
3.25 mt
Falcon 9
Falcon Heavy
Atlas V 511
Proton M
Choose Your
  • GTO
  • GEO
Boosts a la carte
More control over
your small sats.
We are a services-based company. Zeal™ and Vigor™ are the only two individual hardware components we offer. These thrusters are small but mighty in their respective abilities to power small sat missions.
  • Vigor™
    Thanks to low power consumption and compact packaging, Vigor™ is blazing a trail to bring water plasma propulsion to microspacecraft and can also be utilized as a main thruster on a future Vigoride™ and attitude control thrusters on Fervorides™ and Valorides™.
    • Water plasma
    • Power from 100W
    • Specific Impulse 350-500 sec.
    • Available 2019
  • Zeal™
    Small enough to pack inside a Cubesat “tuna can” in one block (including control and power unit), this water electrothermal resistive thruster can be the main power source for cube-, nano- and microsat missions or multiple can be used for attitude control onboard Vigorides™ and Ardorides™.
    • Water thermal resistive.
    • Power up to 30W
    • Specific Impulse 150-180 sec.
    • Available Now