Water will take us beyond LEO

Transportation is essential to all industry progress, and it’s no different for space. Reducing the overall cost of transportation into and within space is the key to unlocking business opportunities there. With major launch service providers working on Earth-to-space transportation, we’re focused on the next phase: in-space transportation. As we continue to push further outwards, we will need consistent, safe, and versatile services to get us where we’re going. To move beyond LEO, we must build the in-space transportation industry.


A Momentus Occasion

Reusable launch vehicles and low-cost satellites will continue to make LEO more and more accessible. But what about those of us who have our sights set a little farther and need a safe, efficient way to travel? The next commercial frontier is just beyond LEO – out to GEO, the Moon, near-Earth asteroids, Mars and beyond.

Today informs tomorrow
In the short term, Momentus will serve existing industry demand with water plasma propulsion technology. Our breakthrough technology scales beautifully, and as it grows it will eventually enable the movement of in-space goods and services on a massive scale: debris removal, space energy, in-space manufacturing, in-orbit services, and human exploration.

Water plasma
The best option. Far and away.
  • Efficient
    With a considerably higher specific impulse than chemical propulsion, 3x less propellant is needed to deliver payloads to their target orbits.
  • Fast
    Faster than electrical power provided by ion propulsion due to higher thrust for the same size solar panel.
  • Affordable
    Because water is available throughout our solar system, there isn’t the typical cost associated with other fuels that must be transported (extremely carefully) from earth to space.
Water is the way
Our in-situ multipurpose
miracle resource
  • Abundant
    Water exists on the nearest celestial bodies to us, specifically, the Moon, Mars, and many near-Earth asteroids.
  • Safe
    Unlike the fuel for ion engines and chemical propellants (liquid oxygen, hydrogen, hydrazine, xenon) which are either cryogenic or toxic and highly pressurized, water can be stored safely in low pressure tanks and poses no risk of combustion or explosion. This makes rockets using water plasma propulsion easy to launch.
  • Versatile
    Water is so much more than a propellant, providing radiation shielding for human space exploration and for crew consumption along the way.
We have plans for expanding the in-space economy.