Manifest Destination

Our rides, like Ardoride™ and Fervoride™, will drastically reduce cost, increase safety and prolong commercial and governmental deep space missions, and provide booster stage propulsion for launch companies. The same technologies powering these rides lay the groundwork for future cislunar and interplanetary rides like Valoride™, enabling the next phase of space exploration: water prospecting and delivery throughout the solar system, solar power stations, in-space manufacturing, and space tourism.

Risky or not,
it's necessary

Despite its obvious benefits, other spacecraft bus and propulsion companies haven’t accepted the challenge of exploring newer, better albeit unchartered territory. No one has experimented with water plasma propulsion on the scale that we are. Momentus stands apart from other companies within the asteroid resources space, too, because of our laser focused business strategy: to create the first in-space transportation ecosystem.