In 2019, when SpaceX revamped their smallsat rideshare program, they kick-started a new era for affordable access to space. This was a game changer. That same year, we successfully tested the water plasma propulsion technology core to our unique “hub and spoke” service model, now used in Vigoride. Our service vehicles paired with amazing launch providers, like SpaceX, enable us to meet diverse orbital injection needs for smallsat operators and research organizations worldwide who require unprecedented access.

Fast forward to the final month of 2020, and we are now a team of over 100, working together to build out the in-space infrastructure services that will foster a vibrant space economy.

And today, we are extremely proud to share that the Momentus team has successfully integrated 23 satellites aboard Vigoride for the January 2021 SpaceX rideshare launch. These satellites represent cutting edge work and research across space analytics, deorbiting devices, weather forecasting, and in-space research by some of the world’s top space companies and academics. A big thanks to our early customers and the team that worked together to reach this impressive milestone!


Alba Orbital: As the builder and designer of the world’s smallest commercial satellite platforms, Alba Orbital invests heavily in manufacturing capability to meet the constellation requirements for their customers. During this mission, the company plans to deploy a record number of PocketQubes in orbit via their AlbaPods.

ISILAUNCH: Netherlands-based Innovative Space Logistics BV (ISILAUNCH), a launch services subsidiary of Netherlands based ISISpace, is focused on the provision of frequent and fully serviced launches for CubeSats and microsatellites. To date, they have executed or supported numerous launch campaigns on various launch vehicles, successfully sending 380 satellites into orbit.

Gran Systems: The 2U CubeSat NUTSAT from Gran Systems was designed by the National Formosa University with the backing of the National Space Organization (NSPO) in Taiwan. One of the three NSPO cubesats launching this year, NUTSAT is a systems engineering training education program integrating an ADS-B receiver onto the cubeSat to demonstrate and enhance commercial aviation safety technology. NUTSAT is the first of the three cubesats to go for the launch integration.

Spacemanic: A spinoff of the Slovak Organisation for Space Activities, which is a non-governmental group that promotes space research and technology, we are proud to have Spacemanic as a customer on Vigoride 1.

SatRevolution: A forerunner of the space industry in Poland, SatRevolution’s LabSat 3U Cubesat is bound for SSO orbit. LabSat is the result of a project focusing on miniaturized laboratory tools and technologies for testing in microgravity conditions. The satellite consists of a cubesat bus, created by SatRevolution, and scientific payloads developed by four Wrocław based universities, spearheaded by Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

SteamJet: SteamJet is launching their first technology demonstration mission for a reliable, compact, and available water-based propulsion system. Compared to high-pressure cold gas thrusters, SteamJet’s propulsion system is fully safe for launch-site operations, or storage within the International Space Station, therefore, reducing the overall mission risks.

Aurora Propulsion: Finnish Aurora Propulsion Technologies plans to send a 1.5-unit cubesat into SSO orbit. The Aurora cubesat will demonstrate water-fueled resistojet thrusters to provide attitude and altitude control as well as the Plasma Brake Module for deorbiting.

Thank you to everyone for your business and stay safe and healthy in the year to come!