Today we are sharing news of a service agreement to support Kepler Communication’s GEN1 constellation. Built entirely at Kepler’s production facility in Toronto, the GEN1 platform represents an evolution beyond Kepler’s pathfinder satellites, with an increase in size to a 6U-XL BUS. The increased size accommodates many technology enhancements, including additional power and antenna capabilities that allows the support of both Ku and narrowband spectrum from a single satellite.

Momentus’ rideshare service in 2021 for Kepler will include launch provisions and delivery to a desired orbital altitude while maintaining the SSO inclination using Momentus’ Vigoride transfer vehicle. The GEN1 platform supports both Kepler’s Global Data Service, a wideband high-capacity data service, and EverywhereIoT, a narrowband solution for Internet of Things applications. 

For communications and IoT satellites, the Local Time of the Ascending/Descending Node (LTAN/LTDN) is important in terms of offering fleet coverage diversity so that a satellite operator can offer data and analytics over a variety of times. Once in orbit, Momentus’ Vigoride transfer vehicle can change the LTAN/LTDN of a spacecraft deployed by using precession — a change in the orientation of the rotational axis of a rotating body. Kepler will be a prominent customer for Momentus’ LTAN shift service as they build out their constellation.

Momentus is proud to be supporting Kepler Communications, and indirectly, the team at Space Flight Laboratory in Toronto, where over 20 years of flight heritage have gone towards developing this new generation of satellites that will deliver a dramatic improvement on Global Data Service.