Today we are proud to announce that Momentus will provide space transportation for the ProXopS VariSat constellation with Vigoride vehicles on Falcon-9 rideshare missions.

ProXopS was founded in Houston, TX by Julie and Chad Brinkley. Under the agreement, Momentus will deploy multiple satellites for the VariSat constellation.

VariSat will enable new and extremely robust data communications protocols to worldwide users and provide a hybrid network capable of surviving nuclear attacks on current DoD satellite assets. VariSat takes advantage of the diffractive/reflective properties of some part of the radiofrequency (RF) spectrum (1.7 MHz to 30 MHz) in the ionosphere. The Earth’s ionosphere provides an “umbrella-like” ionospheric reflector that gives each satellite unprecedented over the horizon ground coverage.

Fun fact: humanity’s first satellite – Sputnik 1, utilized the same technique of ionospheric refraction to receive signals on the opposite side of the Earth!