High-resolution subsurface imaging is poised to fundamentally change the way we see our planet and its resources. By using smallsats to essentially take an MRI of the Earth’s surface (revealing more about what is close to the top) the practice is already aiding the mining, petroleum, and water resource industries.
Today, we are excited to share the news that Momentus has a service agreement with LunaSonde to fly a demo Cubesat (Gossamer) to SSO orbit on our Vigoride orbital transfer vehicle in Q1 2021.

Led by the young but distinguished Jeremiah Pate (who as a teen garnered significant recognition in the Science community for his work with Parkinson’s Disease), this team of experts is developing a platform for mapping resources up to 2 kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface, using novel low frequency radar technology. 

We welcome LunaSonde onboard!