Amidst the announcement-packed 34th Annual Small Satellite virtual conference last week, we unveiled service agreements with Astrogate Labs and ARCA Dynamics. These are our first contracts with Indian and Italian customers, respectively – underscoring the huge potential of Momentus unlocking and enabling a global customer base.

ARCA Dynamics is a young company specialized in the field of aerospace engineering, with special concern to problems of guidance, navigation and control, space robotics and artificial intelligence. Our service agreement with ARCA is for a 3U satellite, named REVELA, to Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO), to be launched in February 2021 on the second Vigoride demo mission. This will also be the flight qualification mission for the 3U deployer by another space Italian company, NPC Spacemind.

Astrogate Labs is a space technology company from Bengaluru, India, developing high speed optical communication products and solutions. Astrogate Labs’ “Smallsat optical downlink terminals” can be readily integrated on any small/ nano satellite platforms and provide up to 1 Gbps downlink data rates. Our service agreement with Astrogate is for a 3U satellite to Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO), to be launched in December 2021 on the second Vigoride commercial mission, as well as a 6U option. This is paving the way to future constellations for optical satellite communications.