2020 is a big year for Momentus, as our Vigoride shuttle will fly two demo missions, paving the way for commercial missions from 2021 onward. 

Through joint efforts in flexible ridesharing this will open a new paradigm in flexibility for custom drop-off altitudes and orbits in space. You can read about some of our first customers on Space News here and here.

The first ever water-powered microwave electro-thermal (MET) thruster was launched and tested in space on our El Camino Real mission in 2019. The first full-scale Vigoride test mission “Strait of Magellan” is planned for Q3 2020 on the Soyuz rocket. Another planned ride is titled “Amber Road” in December 2020 on the SpaceX dedicated rideshare mission.

What all of this means is a very exciting future for satellite owners and operators with regards to price and efficiency. Whereas our Charter Service includes only an orbital transfer and requires the customer to procure a launch, our Shuttle Service includes launch provisions and the orbital transfer. More options…flexibility, and savings ultimately!

After demos are completed in Q3/Q4, quarterly launches will be available in 2021 and beyond.