2019 was the most exciting year for the team here at Momentus and our vision for the next level of enterprise and existence in space. After opening the doors on contracts and announcing some of our first customers for Vigoride and Ardoride — our in-space shuttles for GEO/Lunar orbit and Earth-Moon system libration points — we hunkered down in our expanded lab to perfect innovative, proprietary microwave electrothermal thruster technology using water as a propellant. 

In April, we took home a Silver in the prestigious Edison Awards.

In July, we announced our $25.5MM Series A led by Prime Movers Lab and things heated up with hiring and our promise to unlock further efficiencies — such as the ability to refuel from water depots stored in orbit or extracted in deep space. 

Momentus was then part of the team that received the $2 million in funding from NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase 3 program. Such an accolade, however things were really only getting going before the close of the year!

In August and September, we unveiled a partnership with NanoRacks and an LSA with Relativity Space respectively and with SpaceX. Also in September, we welcomed the seasoned talent of Nathan Orr our new Chief Engineer, and Jason Hummelt, our new VP of Innovation.

We are now gearing up for a tech demo of the Vigoride transfer vehicle in Summer 2020, followed by operational missions as early as December 2020. We continue to expand the executive leadership team (Boeing veteran Dawn Harms joined us in Nov) as well as engineering and ops. If you are looking to join an innovative and challenging company with the potential to completely transform the way orbital transfers are accomplished, look no further than our hiring page!