Today, Momentus is excited to announce that we have established a new working relationship with NanoRacks. By working together Momentus and NanoRacks will be able to provide a whole new commercial service operating from the International Space Station.

Over the past few years newspace pioneer NanoRacks has deployed more than 200 satellites from the International Space Station, and according to Bryce Space and Technology, in 2018 alone, 42 smallsats were successfully launched to be deployed from the International Space Station.

NanoRacks Bishop airlock is the first commercial airlock to operate on the International Space Station. With the Bishop airlock, private ventures will have more options to deploy more satellites, and larger satellites, from the ISS. That will be great for the entire commercial space industry.

By using the Bishop airlock in partnership with NanoRacks, Momentus will be able to carry up to dozens of microsatellites at a time from ISS to higher, long life orbits to the benefit of our satellite customers.

We are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with NanoRacks, because our service offerings are complementary, allowing their customers to go beyond the station to a higher altitude, prolonging their mission life.
When NanoRacks chose to invest in the first-ever commercial airlock for the Space Station, their CEO Jeffrey Manber had faith that new technology would further enable future customers. We salute his vision and welcome this mutually beneficial collaboration!