Today we are excited to announce a $25.5MM series A investment round led by Prime Movers Lab and featuring investment from Y Combinator, the Lerner Family, the University of Wyoming Foundation, Quiet Capital, Mountain Nazca, ACE & Company, Liquid 2 Ventures, Drake Management, and others. This brings the total investment sum for Momentus to $34MM.

This latest investment will accelerate the development of our technology and flight systems, as well as help conduct in-space flight tests and paid customer missions. Part of this effort will include moving most of our development in-house and investing in vertical integration. The money will also allow us to do additional flight demonstrations in 2020.

If you are interested in accelerating in-space transportation, we are also excited to announce several open positions for qualified candidates.

We want to thank all of our investors for their vision and trust in us to build new markets in orbital transfers!