Today’s record-breaking launch by SpaceX is not only very cool for us space geeks, it also goes to show the ongoing importance of in-space transportation, which is Momentus’ business model.

64 satellites from 34 customers in 17 different countries around the world just went up on a Falcon 9 from California. For Musk and SpaceX, this marks three milestones completed in a single mission:

  • The first time launching a booster than had been flown in two prior missions
  • A record U.S. launch tally for payload (number of satellites)
  • The successful re-entry landing on a drone ship

For all of these achievements (which are nothing short of amazing), the rocket and 64 satellites all placed in the SAME orbit…which is where Momentus’ in-space transportation services comes in. Let’s elaborate.

Many CubeSat and SmallSat operators would prefer to be in custom orbits at different inclinations, in different orbit planes, or at different altitudes. In the very near future, Momentus will be carrying our customers’ satellites (payloads) to the the custom orbits they prefer after arriving at the standard orbits rockets like the Falcon 9, or several smaller rockets that are capable of servicing. Saving time and money for our customers is just the start, and our team has proven the technology for this disruption in low-earth-orbit.